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Paula Assucena, 39 years old, has always lived among buttons, fabrics and ribbons, although she assumes she does not understand much about sewing. Her mother, a seamstress and her father who owns Casa dos Fechos (a former zip-fastener import and export company) have always accustomed her to live between lines. But he never thought to make a business of it. Yet. About three weeks ago, this advertising engineer opened a haberdashery in Rua das Flores. «It had to be here. It was here many years ago that the girls came to buy the trousseau », she explains. «I realized that there was a lot of demand for this type of business. Knowing how to knit, embroider, sew. » Thus, in this haberdashery you find a little of everything. From wools, threads, velvet ribbons, organza or satin, fabrics by the meter, linings, embroidery threads, crochet, Alcobaça calico, buttons and, of course, clasps, of all sizes and colors. Without forgetting a section dedicated to making for babies. The store "is organized by colors so that it is easier for the customer to find what he wants". There is also a range, developed in partnership with artisans from Porto, with sewing boxes and bags to store threads and the like. There is no lack of an old sewing machine in the shop window, with its scissors and wooden meter. A chair at the entrance invites you to browse one of the many specialty magazines. No fear of getting stuck in the needle!